Paaramparya is an initiative for educating the soul..
A child is viewed not as an empty vessel to be filled with knowledge and information, but rather as a unique individual with an innate sense of right and wrong that must be properly developed if true learning is to be achieved.A person’s entire life and his relationship with the world is shaped by what he or she learns in childhood and adolescence..
Keeping this in mind Paaramparya through stories from our rich puranas, through bhajans and shlokas induce critical and reflective thinking, rational choice and responsible behavior in our community.

– Engaged in creating an e-learning platform dedicated to our tradition through slokas, discourses and rituals.
– To provide easy learning access to our innumerable scriptures
– Foster children’s appreciation of the significance and quality of time tested values of our tradition to develop a sense of belonging
– Inculcate in our children and youth a reverence for our culture