Theertha Vittala

Theertha Vittala Kshetra Vittala

Deva Vittala Deva Poojaa Vittala

Matha Vittala Pitha Vittala

Bandhu Vittala Gothra Vittala

Guru Vittala Guru Devatha Vittala

Nidhaana Vittala Niranthara Vittala

Nama Mhane Maajha Vittala Sapadalaa

Mhanuni Kalikaala Paada Naahi


Vittala is the holy water

Vittala is the holy land

Vittala is God and Vittala is His worship

Vittala is my mother and Vittala is my father

Vittala is my friend and Vittala is my clan

Vittala is my teacher, Vittala is the teacher of Gods

Vittala is tranquility, Vittala is everlasting

Namdev says ‘I have found sanctuary in Vitthala’

‘Even in this Kali yuga, I can come to no harm!’






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