Karagre Vasathe

This is a Morning Prayer called “karadarshana”. One begins the day with this prayer. ‘kara” means the palm of the hand and it stands for the five karmendriyas, or the organs of action. While looking at the palm, one invokes the Lord in the form of various deities, thus sanctifying all the actions that will be done during the day. By acknowledging the Lord as the giver of the capacity to perform actions and as the giver of the fruits of those actions, one sanctifies the actions. Thus, one prays in the morning to reinforce the attitude that all actions are performed as a service to the Lord.

Karagre Vasate Lakshmi

Kara Madhye Saraswati

Kara Mule Tu Govindah

Prabhaate Kara Darshanam









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