Ganesha – Quiz – 2

1) Ganesha swallowed this Fire Demon. The heat in his stomach was quenched only when this particular item was offered to Him. Name the Fire Demon and the Item that was offered.

2) Name the Asthra that Ganesha holds in hand that represents worldly attachment as well as power of a deity to capture and bind evil and ignorance.

3) This holy plant wanted to marry Ganesha and He politely refused. As a consequence, we don’t use the leaves from this plant as an offering for Ganesha except on Mahaa Chathurthi day when 21 leaves are offered. Name the plant.

4) Ganesha took the form of an animal to assist his brother in winning over his love. Name the animal and the characters involved.

5) Ganesha was key in breaking the wealthy-ego of this God-King. Ganesha’s hunger was not satiated until this food item was offered. Name the God-King and the food item that was offered.

6) Ganesha took a poetess directly to Mount Kailash using this trunk well before two other Shiva devotees could reach there. Name the poetess and the two devotees of Shiva.

7) This Holy Sage was instrumental in bringing a special river to South India. Ganesha, in the form of a bird released the river that was carried in the Sage’s Kamandalam. Name the Sage and the River.

8) Ganesha tamed this Rakshasa who later submitted himself to the Lord and promised to carry him around wherever he needed to go. Name the Asura.

9) Adi Sankarar created 6 sects of faiths in Hindu religion and one of these consider Ganesha as Supreme Lord. What is the name of this practice and name the state in India in which such a worship is most popular?

10) This form of Ganesha with six arms rides on a different Vahana. Name the form and the Vahana.

11) In this legend, Lord Shiva needed the help of all the Devas and Hindu Gods/Goddesses (Mupathu Mukkodi Devargal) for destroying a powerful evil force. Shiva could not begin his task of destruction until he prayed to Ganesha. What was the evil force? What is the destruction called?

12) Lord Vishnu’s disc was playfully swallowed by Ganesha. Vishnu had to perform a bodily gesture that made Ganesha laugh and spit out the Chakra. Name the gesture unique to Ganesha that devotees continue to offer him to make him happy.

13) Name the state in India where there a 8 significant temples dedicated to Ganesha. What is special about the Ganeshas in these 8 temples?

14) Ganesha broke his right tusk to scribe Vyasa’s Epic Mahabharata. Each laid a condition to one another. What was the Ganesha’s condition to Vyasa and vice versa?