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6 thoughts on “Suggestions and Feedback on Divya Prabandham Course


    Divya Prabandham is The Holy Book of the Srivaishnavas. To learn them, not just reciting them, but to learn the meanings and explanations of the pasurams,through great scholars,is a golden opportunity provided by SASTRA UNIVERSITY. Being Bangalore based right from my birth, I do not have the knowledge of nuances of the Tamil language though it is my mother tongue . Paaramparya has helped me as a bridge to cross over the hurdles by explaining the meanings of the Pasurams in the English language maintaining the chastity of the meanings of the lucid tamil language.
    Thank you Team Paaramparya. Hats off for the good work.

  • Vijaya K S

    This is an excellent service done by Chitra madam and team. For beginners like me who have a challenge in writing tamil, it is of a great help in listening to the simple explanation to the paasurams provided and also the memorisation paasurams. From the 1st year to the 2nd year the team has grown leaps and bounds and looking at improving and providing more and more support. I see that al lthe ERC explanations have been provided. The guidance of Chitra madam and her motivation to all the Sri Vaishnavas to read at least 10 paasurams a day and tracking the progress is really commendable. Great job and a very big thanks to you all.

    I wouls request if you can help people like us writing in english, to provide commentary in english as well which will be helpful.

  • Revathi Narayanan

    Excellent rendition &precise. A small suggestion.whether it is possible to get an detailed answer for essays. With all introduction &pasuram meaning in essay form. Like konar tamizh urai. I understand that we should read the pasurams ,enjoy &produce in paper. But as time Is less, will that be possible? Tku for all your efforts.

  • Preeti Gupta

    Entire website luks very interesting, can the slokas be in hindi as well for readers like us and there reference can it be explained, thanks preeti

  • Mrs. Vasantha muthu

    Namaskaram ,

    Excellent step taken by paarampara ,to help people like me to know the meaning of the Pasurams at this age . I did not find the following vyakyanam , can you please help me out
    Paper 2 , essay type answers

    Vyakyanam for. 4.3


    4.6 and

    4.8 are not there but these questions are ther in the question bank .

  • Sriraman Parthasarathy

    You could consider providing the You tune video links of past lectures published by SASTRA subject wise/ area wise and this would be very useful for students.